Why should companies put so much store by a high quality internet offering?

Digital media is taking over from conventional forms of communication. It is fast becoming mainstream. According to the latest available research data, Twitter gained 100 million followers and Facebook 600 million in 2011 alone. Furthermore, smartphones that access the web are owned by 27 per cent of adults and 47 per cent of teenagers in the United Kingdom, according to Ofcom’s Communications Market Report. If companies are to shine in the crowd, their message has to be concise and well targeted.

I remain to be convinced. What’s your response?

Contact any of our delighted customers. They will give you an impartial opinion of our merits.

Are the words on a website really that important?

Statistical analysis has shown that the revenue of a company that sells goods or services on the internet can be cut by up to 50 per cent if just one spelling mistake is detected on a website. With internet sales in the UK alone running at £530 million per week, that’s a lot of revenue being put at risk. When there are underlying concerns among customers about fraud and safety, getting the basics right is essential.

What do you mean by “form should follow function”?

That your organisation’s message (the website content) is the most important ingredient and it should, therefore, inform the presentation and delivery of that message (the website design).

So are you saying that most websites are put together incorrectly?

Yes. A flawed concept results in a poor outcome. It’s like decorating a room in your home. You don’t buy unmeasured quantities of any available patterns of wallpaper and paint and then start lashing them on to walls and ceilings, hoping the result will somehow be acceptable – because it won’t. It’s a disaster in conception and execution. You should ponder the task first, visualise how the room blends with the rest of your home, then you work out colourways, themes and the types and amounts of materials you will require. Then you start.

Isn’t that a little simplistic?

Perhaps. But we believe our approach, while straightforward at first glance, is the definitive, professional way to deliver the right result every time.

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