Instagram and me

WORDMEDIACO founder and director David Boyes loves photo-sharing app Instagram, primarily as a hobby and occasionally for business purposes.

He writes: “I have a longstanding love of photography, whether recreational for my own pleasure or viewing the works of professionals. Despite all the advances in picture-taking, I am fascinated more by black and white images than by colour ones. All these shots were taken by me, only ever on an iPhone 4s. My pictures are available in my gallery at:”

Green day: The Statue of Liberty, normally green, is white ©WordMediaCo/David Boyes

Looking up: The towering structures on Park Avenue, Manhattan ©WordMediaCo/David Boyes

Morning rays: Avenue of the Americas, Manhattan ©WordMediaCo/David Boyes

Public forum: Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow, Scotland ©WordMediaCo/David Boyes

Castles in the sky: La Rochelle, France ©WordMediaCo/David Boyes

Link back in time: La Rochelle, France ©WordMediaCo/David Boyes

Windows in the sun: La Rochelle, France ©WordMediaCo/David Boyes

Urban decay: Hillington Park, Glasgow ©WordMediaCo/David Boyes

Post-industrial abstract: Hillington Park, Glasgow ©WordMediaCo/David Boyes

Cathedral spires in Glasgow. ©WordMediaCo/David Boyes

Face of faith: a church ©WordMediaCo/David Boyes

Half open or half shut? A gate in Glasgow ©WordMediaCo/David Boyes

Eternal rings: sculpture at WFM in Giffnock, near Glasgow ©WordMediaCo/David Boyes

Life is a circus: big top in Southsea, Hampshire ©WordMediaCo/David Boyes

Lonely walk: a hotel near Stansted Airport, Essex ©WordMediaCo/David Boyes

Weathered by nature: a beach hut in West Wittering, Sussex ©WordMediaCo/David Boyes


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