Joanne Reid Rodrigues

Joan Reid Rodrigues, Slimming TogetherIT was a great pleasure for Phyllis Joyce and myself to welcome Joanne Reid Rodrigues on to the Talk To Phil & Dave Show as our special guest. She talked engagingly about her work in Life Management through weight management, breathing new life into this well-trodden subject to help us all make better choices for our bodies and better choices for a positive life. We are delighted to announce that Joanne will be a regular guest on the show, sharing her down-to-earth, practical, common sense approach to losing weight and taking charge of your life.

Over the past twelve years, Joanne has worked and trained with some remarkable people including Patrick HolfordDan MillmanMichael BeckwithYasuhiko Genku Kimura and the Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee. Joanne practises an approach to life she calls respectful living, and her simple yet powerful approach is grounded in common sense.

Joanne has helped many to release guilt, shame and pain that exist at the core of eating disorders and other self-defeating behaviour patterns. She teaches practical ways to develop inner-strength, greater confidence and self-worth.

After Scottish-born Joanne won the hard-fought battle with food addiction, she had a strong desire to light the way for others. She founded her Slimming Together programme in October 1986. Since then, she has personally mentored tens of thousands of people in the UK and Southern California in transforming their lives, and has reached over a million more as a regular columnist for The Sunday Post Magazine.


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