Libby McArthur Talks To Phil & Dave

David Boyes, Libby McArthur, Phyllis Joyce in Pulse 98.4 studio

FORMER River City star Libby McArthur talked about her latest project on Scotland’s premier community radio chat show the Talk To Phil & Dave Show on Aug 12, 2014.

Libby, best known as Oyster Cafe owner Gina Rossi in BBC’s Scottish soap River City, is also a producer, writer, director, singer, storyteller, inspirational speaker and political activist.

She chatted live in the studio to my co-host Phyllis Joyce and me about the play 3,000 Trees, written by George Gunn, which she directs and which runs at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe run until August 24 at the Gryphon venue.

Libby also talked about her passionate belief in Scottish independence and her role in the struggle to achieve it. Listen here:

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