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Lost in the mix: Times Square, New York

QUITE why organisations pay good money for websites and then skimp on the content is a mystery.

Frequently, words are not part of the service provided by website designers. When this occurs, the client panics and a hot potato is passed around the office until an employee gets landed with the job of “writing the website”. And that’s to a brief they were never party to.

No company can risk reputational damage courtesy of a website blighted by third-rate content.

At WordMediaCo, your company message comes first, then the design. The result is a professional outcome and a coherent message. Form follows function. Words lead the way.

At WordMediaCo, we provide corporate organisations with the highest quality content for new and existing websites – words that are credible, compelling, accurate, relevant, appropriate, engaging, consistent in tone and style, and free from errors in grammar, syntax and punctuation.

If the technical features on a corporate website are not matched or bettered by a compelling, consistent message, then credibility and reputation suffer. It is estimated that, when an organisation communicates or sells on the internet, 99 per cent of the time it is done by the written word.

So if your organisation wants to shine through the online mix, your website message needs to be couched in language that sparkles.

Compelling argument: words have the power to hold the attention of those visiting corporate websites

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