Read all about it: even in the digital age, the mainstream media remains the holy grail of publicity

PR remains a critical part of the brand-promotion mix, even though the days are gone when it and advertising were the only channels through which to send your organisations’s message.

If the story you wish to relate is strong enough, it may deserve a wider audience than just that afforded by social media, websites and blog posts.

WordMediaCo have impressive experience of mass communication and an innate understanding of the media. In short, we know what to write, how to write it and how to target it correctly.

We get results by ensuring that you engage with your target audience through the relevant media and by fielding inquiries on your behalf.

Furthermore, high-end photography and video can be added to create a compelling communication package that will enhance your story.

Finally, dovetailing PR with social media and back links to websites takes your campaign to a new level, on which every related media stream plays its part to maximise the message.

WordMediaCo have the creativity, energy and proactive thinking to deliver clear results for our clients’ business. Through established relationships with news organisations, we have the ability to position organisations where they wish to be, whether that’s mainstream or sector-specific media.


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