Social media

It’s a social thing … target your audience

SOCIAL media is THE tool of the moment for business. Unfortunately, many are fearful of trying it, some are prejudiced against it and the minority muddle through with it.

The fact is that social media is an immensely powerful way of communicating in an intimate way with your target audience. Reputation can be enhanced, a public profile can be created and nurtured. For those involved in online commerce, sales can be improved.

Gone are the days when a company would purchase space in a sector-specific publication or mainstream newspaper for the insertion of an advertisement that would, generally, appear once.

Unless the message that was conveyed was particularly appealing or striking in appearance, the reaction (or lack of it) would be obvious in a very short period of time.

Social media allows companies to engage with their audience 24/7 in a way that has previously been impossible.

Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Foursquare and other networks are a potential communications goldmine, if handled correctly.

At WordMediaCo, we place the emphasis on Twitter in the social media strategies we provide for for corporate organisations.

Why? Because, despite its 140-character limit, Twitter is versatile and integrates easily with a wide range of other applications. It also has outsized media clout – much of the mainstream media now relies on Twitter for its stories and ideas, so if you can get noticed here, the payoff can be considerable.

Twitter’s key concept of the “Retweet”, which allows you to redistribute any Tweet you like to your own audience with a click of the mouse – and allows everyone else who sees it to do the same – gives it incredibly powerful virality.

Short and Tweet: much of the mainstream media relies on Twitter for news

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