Case studies

Pacific Building Ltd

PACIFIC are a small company with a big-name client list. By big, we mean BIG. McDonald’s, KFC, JD Wetherspoon, Bupa and the Gleneagles Hotel are just some of the companies who enjoy a fruitful relationship with Pacific Building, who have just 30-odd employees. Pacific, like many small to medium-sized organisations, desperately wanted an enhanced brand profile and a presence in the media – mainstream and industry-specific.

Pacific were justified in wishing to highlight the fact they were “leaning into the big picture”. But they were typical of smaller companies, in that they did not have the time, know-how or resources to actively pursue a full-blown media campaign.

WordMediaCo initiated an integrated strategy that drew attention to Pacific’s achievements and their admirable ethos of ”respect, fairness, collaboration, quality and a right first time approach to everything we do”. Public relations, media engagement and a programme of vigorous social media activity were the foundations of WordMediaCo’s strategy to place Pacific in the spotlight as one of the success stories of Scottish, if not United Kingdom, construction during one of the worst economic downturns the world has seen.

Pacific managing director Brian Gallacher stated: “WordMediaCo’s huge experience, know-how and powerful contacts gave us the outcome we wanted. From website to public relations and social media, our company’s message is being conveyed to our target audiences in a consistent and integrated manner.”

HC Skills International Ltd

HC Skills, who provide renowned clinical training programmes for medical professionals in 30 countries, were in a conundrum or two.

First, like Pacific, they wanted an enhanced brand profile and deeper media involvement. Second, they had purchased a high-end, bespoke website that included a host of complex features but was devoid of content. Problem No1 involved the regulatory, data protection and confidentiality requirements that affect the flow of information both within and from the medical sector. Problem No2 was to write to a website structure already in place.

Vast media experience and a light touch were the key ingredients. WordMediaCo’s unmatched know-how in target audience engagement, even in a regime of strict controls, and and our ability to apply a consistent, professional tone in message delivery were the cornerstones of a strategy that allowed HC Skills International to achieve their objectives. A discreet social media outreach was also thrown into the mix.

WordMediaCo also helped HC Skills – who are based at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital in Clydebank and have a satellite office in Madrid – to cement a prestigious partnership with the Royal College of Surgeons and to explore new business relations with corporations the United States.

Hc Skills CEO Diane Irvine acknowledged: “Without WordMediaCo’s unmatched experience and their innate media understanding, we would not have had a successful outcome. Social media, about which, if I am honest, I was dubious, has also given us an edge in a business sector that is in large part reluctant to engage with new communications platforms.

“We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with WordMediaCo who will, no doubt, continue to come up with creative approaches for the benefit of our product portfolio. Reputation is everything for our company, and we know it is in safe hands with WordMediaCo.”

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