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Let it flow: bridge the communications gap

THE internet is in the public domain. Websites are a form of publishing. These two facts may not be not hugely concerning for individuals who enjoy the burgeoning facility to communicate with others in the digital sphere.

But many organisations who value their reputation do not realise the damage that can be inflicted on their image if the information they disseminate through a website is not prepared to the highest standards.

WordMediaCo provides superior content for new and existing websites, prepared by professionals with an innate understanding of the media and experience of mass communication.

We ensure that corporate organisations present themselves professionally, appropriately and in a way that enhances their image and reputation by giving them credibility through words that are relevant, compelling, engaging and consistent in tone and style.

We have the knowledge and experience to identify to organisations any material that could unwittingly cause them reputational damage and provide advice on information that should or should not be included – and where legal and/or regulatory pitfalls may lie. The result is an intelligent and surefooted approach to communications in the modern media field that is rooted in respected values. We can be relied on to deliver what you need, leaving you to concentrate on your business.

From scratch …

WordMediaCo can provide a full website service – design, functionality and content.

Refresh …

WordMediaCo can give corporate websites a “makeover” which will result in better communication between company and client.

PR services …

WordMediaCo provides a PR service for organisations who wish to dovetail it with their website offering.

Empty promise: incorrectly handled, your website could become the equivalent of a deserted street

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