Blogs and social media

Reach for the sky: get your message out there … clearly

IT’S a bit like “good cop, bad cop”. IF a website is viewed as the place where an organisation does its “hard selling”, blogs and social media can be regarded as the softer side of transactional business.

The engagement with people using social media channels is much more personal than the traditional business/client relationship and so a more subtle approach is required.

Blogs can be used to add a fresh dimension to corporate offerings, providing an almost non-business feel to whatever topic is the subject matter. Furthermore, search engines absolutely love blogs because they contain fresh content, and that is good for website SEO.

Blogs can also be syndicated through RSS (Real Simple Syndication). Visitors can “subscribe” to them and receive regular updates delivered to their desktop. Unlike attempts to engage an audience through email, blogs cannot be blocked by filters. Audience engagement? It’s a bit of a no-brainer.

Social media performs a similar “off-page” function. Take Twitter as the example. Consider Google, Bing or Yahoo as search engines of companies but Twitter as a search engine of people’s minds. The subjects of Tweets and those sending and receiving them can be a rich source of business leads and inspiration for organisations who wish to maximise their public engagement.

WordMediaCo understand that many businesses frequently cannot devote the time or resources necessary to ensure website content, blogs and social media activities are constantly optimised, when a plethora of other demands vie for attention.

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