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New and old: traditional values make the difference

ALL organisations have a web presence to attract business, achieve strategic goals and open and maintain lines of communication with their target audience and beyond.

However, a website is more than a just business tool – it is the public face of your organisation. It says to the world: “Look at us.”

Under such scrutiny, image and reputation need to be able to hold their own. Credibility has to shine through. Like most constructions, foundations are the key. Your Website is your foundation, driving your company’s entire communication package.

It’s the power of the word – the good, “old-fashioned word”. In fact, it’s the good, old-fashioned published word, in digital form, and its ability to enhance or damage, to reach out or shy away, to communicate or confuse must not be under-estimated.

The world’s biggest corporations know this. Look at their websites, and try to find a spelling, grammatical or syntactical error. You won’t. Mistakes, almost invariably, don’t exist. Credibility is everything. Errors in the word game destroy that. There is no room for them.

Put simply, if an organisation’s credibility is intact, they will trade better. For companies who do not sell goods or services on the net but have a web presence, the credibility issue nonetheless remains.

The last word in credibility: a website free of spelling and grammatical is invaluable

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